About Us

  DYAD THREADS "UNICITY MADE IN LA", WAS CREATED IN 2020. Inspired by the city of Los Angeles and the generational ties this brand has to the fashion community. Dyad Threads is built upon a bloodline of seamstresses who have recycled their traditions of sewing to further generations through the decades. The word  /ˈdīad/ means consisting of two elements or parts. Dyad Threads differs from other brands by not only restoring antique fabrics, but by combining new threads together to create original pieces. In efforts to reduce excessive consumption of clothing, we hand pick vintage materials and rework them into unique, one of one pieces just for you.
One of our goals is to reduce the impact fast fashion has on the environment. For example it takes roughly around 3,000 liters to make a single cotton t-shirt. On average, 57% of all unwanted clothing ends up in landfills.
Which is why we use existing garments and fabrics such as denim, silk, and cotton. 
Dyad Threads takes pride in not contributing to poor labor conditions, and unfair pay to garment workers. Everything is handmade in the U.S.A by the designer and owner of Dyad Threads. When shopping with us not only are you helping the environment but you are also putting a stop to unlawful working conditions. And in return you are receiving limited handcrafted products.
We welcome anyone and everyone with open arms and hope to bring confidence to all our customers. Thank You for shopping with us. 
Welcome To The Community
With love
    Dyad Threads <3